As gorge is called in geomorphology narrow valleys whose boundaries consist of steep slopes and walls. Canyon is the generic term for a number of geomorphological terms, some of which are only regionally usual:

  • Particularly narrow gorges, where the entire valley floor is occupied by a stream are called Deep.
  • Gorges of the torrents are also known as Tobel.
  • Narrow rocky passages with relatively low gradient waters are also known as Klus.
  • Canyons are valleys with rocky slopes in high areas with horizontal rock layers and have at least in the Deep Canyon character.

Conceptually distinguished from canyons are V-shaped valleys that have consistently hanging as a limitation.


Gullies by cutting of rivers into the ground. Here, the vertical erosion prevails strongly opposed to the side erosion, so that there is no bottom to form. Also the Hangabtrag in the form of Denudationsprozessen is rather low. The Talbegrenzung thus consists of steep slopes and walls. Precondition for the emergence of a gorge is accordingly was solid rock, especially plutonic rocks and massive sedimentary rocks. Thus one finds the lower Neckar Neckar down until Binau canyons where the red sandstone reaches the surface and the shell replaces the surface rock. Exceeds the deepening of the canyon the stability of the rock, there will be landslides or rock falls.



  • Iskar Gorge ( in the western Balkan Mountains near Sofia )


  • Margaret Gorge ( Neckargerach )
  • Marienschlucht ( Allensbach am Bodensee)
  • Section Linger hole (with gap, Middle Franconia )
  • Wolf Canyon ( Zwingenberg )
  • Wolf Canyon ( Hock stone), Weber Grotto ( in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains )
  • Wutachschlucht ( Black Forest )
  • Bode Valley ( near Thale in the Harz )


  • Verdon ( Var and Alpes- de -Haute- Provence)
  • Gorges du Tarn ( department of Tarn and Tarn -et -Garonne)
  • Gorges de la Jonte ( Lozère )
  • Gorges de la Nesque ( Vaucluse )


  • Samaria Gorge (south of Crete )
  • Vikos Gorge ( in the northwestern Greek region of Epirus )



  • Dades Gorge


  • Tara Canyon


  • Rappenlochschlucht ( Dornbirn, Vorarlberg)
  • Tscheppaschlucht ( Ferlach, Carinthia )

Serbia / Romania:

  • Iron Gate or Djerdap gorge on the Danube


  • Via Mala ( important transport connection )
  • Ruinaulta ( in Flims, Grisons )
  • Massa Gorge ( Aletsch Glacier drainage )


  • Torrent de Pareis (Mallorca)