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Chingola is a city in the province of Copperbelt in Zambia with 148 554 inhabitants ( 2006). It is located 1,400 meters above sea level and is the seat of the administrative district of the same name with 172 026 inhabitants ( 2000 census ).


Chingola was created in 1943 in a heavily wooded area, and received city rights in 1957.


Chingola is primarily a mining town with underground mining and open pit. There is the second largest open pit copper in the world. The city is closely linked and divided into several neighborhoods, including Nchanga North and South, Kabundi, Riverside and Chiwempala. The falling price of copper on the world market in the 1990s had left them little choice. Today, however, drives especially KCM ( Konkola Copper Mines ), a new combination of Indian and Zambian company, the mining of copper forward again and builds and also also allowed new social institutions, such as schools and hospitals such as South Hospital. Most parts of the city have running water and electricity nowadays. However, this is turned off in the poorer neighborhoods frequently for several hours, since Zambia's sole power utility ZESCO does not have enough capacity, and also sold a lot of power in Zambia's neighboring countries.

The roads in Chingola in need of repair. Meanwhile, make mining companies the settlers abandoned space.

Culture and Leisure

Chingola has its own theater. However, it is now very in need of renovation and ideas are rarely offered or visited. Even the former pool and the cinema was already closed. Since there are hardly any tourists in Chingola, this city does not therefore offers many tourist attractions in the traditional sense. Only the nearby chimpanzee sanctuary Chimfunshi is mentioned in guidebooks.

The Nchanga Rangers are a football club in Chingola. His stadium has 15,000 seats.

The national football team, Andrew Sinkala, who played in the German Bundesliga, and his brother Nathan Sinkala were born 1979 and 1990 in Chingola.


Chingola is located on road and railway line to Kitwe. A new railway line to Solwezi is planned. Chingola has primary and secondary schools, hospitals ( including an orthopedic department ) and hotels and is considered the most picturesque city in the Copperbelt, which formerly had the best infrastructure in Zambia. Chingola has its own airport, but only on the small planes land and take off may.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Andrew Sinkala, Zambian footballer
  • Nathan Sinkala, Zambian footballer

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