Chion - in (Japanese知恩 院) is a Buddhist temple in the Higashiyama district of the city of Kyoto, Japan ( north of Maruyama Park and Yasaka Shrine ). He is the supreme head temple of Jōdo Shuu- sect and was built in 1234 where Honen, the founder of Jōdo shū, had taught and eventually fasted to death.

The majority of the temple complex burned down in 1633, most of the currently existing systems are therefore constructions from the 17th ( under the auspices of Tokugawa Iemitsu ) and the following centuries. The oldest building is the two-story gate Sanmon from the year 1619th With 24 meters it is the tallest temple gate in Japan.

The 74 -ton temple bell is the largest in Japan. In the new year in Japan, they must therefore operate 17 monks.