Chip (magazine)

The computer magazine Chip (own spelling: CHIP) is published in 14 countries of Europe and Asia and is one of Germany 's oldest PC magazines. In September 1978, the first edition appeared. In addition to general news on computer and technology issues, the magazine is divided into different departments: Trend, test and technology.

CHIP served his articles with a wide range of target groups: in addition to beginners and advanced users can by Publisher opinion and professionals and IT decision-makers get their money.

CHIP operates one of the largest German technology test center with over 1,500 product tests per year.

CHIP has been published since the beginning of 2008 in the publishing CHIP Communications GmbH, a subsidiary of the CHIP Holding, which in turn belongs to one hundred percent of the Hubert Burda Media. Editor in chief since February 2012 Josef Berger riding.


The long existence of the magazine explained by the fact that the magazine must scrupulously changed repeatedly in order to adapt to the changing conditions of the computer market. So were in the first stapling yet calculator and programming in the foreground. Today, the primary unprofessional and private computer users is addressed.

There are now multiple product offshoots:

  • Chip Foto-Video published monthly since 2003 and is aimed at those interested in digital photography. It reaches a monthly 53 881 copies sold (as of Q4 2012, source: IVW) at a range of 350,000. (As of 2013, source: ma 2013 I).
  • CHIP Test & Kauf appears since 2004 every two months with a focus on testing and buying guides. You reached 30,287 monthly copies sold (4th quarter of 2012, source: IVW) at a range of 300,000 (as of 2013, source: AWA 2012).
  • CHIP tvtest (up to 10/2012 under the name CHIP HD - WELT) is published three monthly since May 2013 as the 36 - page supplement of CHIP (3- DVD release ), in each case in the issues 3, 6, 9 and 12

There are also various special editions, which appear at irregular intervals and each dealing with a current focus topic of the digital world.

CHIP is available in three versions: Basic ( diskless), booklet with DVD and booklet with three DVDs that can be subscribed in the Subscription Store.

Circulation Statistic

In the fourth quarter of 2012 the average monthly circulation was widespread IVW at 228,581 copies. These are 11.73 percent less than in the same quarter last year. The number of subscribers was an average of 101 026; currently receiving approximately 44.2 percent of the readers, the magazine subscription.

Number of common monthly expenses

Number of subscriptions sold each month

CHIP online

CHIP Online is the internet portal branded packages.

In CHIP Online can be found especially Reviews for IT and telecommunication products and consumer advice related to these products. Another focus at CHIP Online is the download area with a large number of editorial tested freeware and shareware downloads. CHIP Online also operates a price comparison.

CHIP Online is one of the leading German media websites. The largest competitor, which is operated by Gruner Jahr Internet portal Computer Channel, was discontinued in 2002.

CHIP Online is operated by the CHIP Digital GmbH, which published addition to CHIP Online since February 2007 the internet. Until the end of September 2012, the company operated under the name CHIP Online. With the change, the company underlines the brand digital alignment while the old name still pointing to the mobile portal Xonio. The portal has been integrated into 2009. The CHIP Digital GmbH has approximately 140 permanent employees and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media.

Other Internet services

Regardless of the editorial board of the CHIP CHIP Online Communications operates additional online portals. Two of them - and - are closely related to the print object CHIP and keep tips and instructions on the applications of the Microsoft Office package or to PC issues generally ready. The portals are still accessible, but no further content is published since the end of 2011. In addition, offers the more lifestyle-oriented leaderboards in the areas of motor, Digital, Lifestyle, among others About the house online shop CHIP CHIP KIOSK specials, magazines, DVDs and downloads can be purchased.

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