Chiribiri was an Italian manufacturer of cars.

Company History

The company Chiribiri & Co started in 1913 in Turin with the production of automobiles. 1915 production ended due to the war. Alfredo Gallanzi took over the production and made so in his company Costruzioni Automobili Ing A. Gallanzi brand vehicles Ardita. After the First World War began production again, which ran until 1930.

Rolling stock

The first model was the 8/10 HP four-cylinder engine, the 1915 10/12 HP followed ³ with four-cylinder engine and 1500 cc displacement. 1921 appeared the 12/16 HP four-cylinder engine and 1600 cc capacity. 1924 came out the model Monza. The four-cylinder engine with 1482 cc capacity made ​​according to design 50-92 hp. 1926, as a successor to the 12/16 HP of Milano 8/12 HP four-cylinder engine and 1500 cc capacity.

A car of this brand is part of the collection of the Museo di Ruffia Biscaretti dell'Automobile Carlo in Turin.