Chiron (Greek Χείρων "manual" Latin Chiron) in Greek mythology, the son of Cronus and Philyra, half-brother of Zeus and one of the Centaurs.

He resembles physically these wild animal people who are descended from Ixion, but he comes from another source: In order not to be discovered by his wife Rhea, Kronos is said to have fathered him in the shape of a horse with Philyra. Already in the Iliad he is detected by its nature high above the other centaurs. He is regarded as wise and as the fairest among the Centaurs. He is a friend of the gods, educator of heroes Jason, Actaeon, Aristaeus and Achilles, with knowledge in pharmacology and takes over the education of Asclepius to the doctor.

During the fourth task of Heracles ( capturing the Erymanthian boar ) the Centaur Pholus Heracles gave the right of hospitality, then fell but with other centaurs in dispute, which were opposed to Pholos ausschenkte a jug of wine, which was founded by Dionysus and intended for the all centaurs was. In the subsequent pursuit of the Centaurs by Heracles Cheiron - either from our own carelessness or an oversight of Heracles - hit by a poisoned with the blood of the Hydra arrow in the knee. Because he has to endure through the wound unspeakable tortures, renounced the Centaur his immortality in favor of Prometheus. Because after Zeus ' will Prometheus should only be free again, if an immortal laid down his life for him.

After his death, Zeus Cheiron recognized as the constellation Centaurus at the night sky.