Chita Oblast

The Chita Oblast (Russian Читинская область / Tschitinskaja oblast ) was an administrative region of Russia.

The oblast was in southern Siberia, they bordered on Mongolia and China. It included the eastern part of Jablonowygebirges and the upstream hills. The main rivers were the Argun as border to China and the Shilka. Was enclosed by the Autonomous Oblast of the circle of Aginer Buryats. For both areas, the Trans-Baikal region was on 1 March 2008 ( Забайκальский край = Zabajkal'skij kraj ).

In the second half of the 17th century, the Russian colonization of the region began in the 19th century Chita, however, was only a small village and exile city. Beginning of the 20th century reached the Trans-Siberian Railway, the Oblast.

Iron ore, copper and coal among the most important natural resources, there are still other suspects in the undeveloped areas. The steel industry and mechanical engineering are the main industries.

Capital and only major city of Chita Oblast was.

Largest cities

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