Chiusa di San Michele

Chiusa di San Michele ( Piedmontese Ciusa San Michel, Franco-Provençal Kiusa, French L' Ecluse ) is a municipality with 1706 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the province of Turin, Piedmont, northern Italy. The municipality is part of the mountain community Comunità Montana Bassa Valle di Susa and Val Cenischia. The neighboring municipalities are Caprie, Coazze, Condove, Sant'Ambrogio di Torino, Vaie and Valgioie. Patron saint of the village are the Apostles Peter and Paul.

Your name can be translated as " The hermitage of St. Michael". Chiusa di San Michele is located in north-western Italy, on the southeastern end of the Val di Susa. Presumably this was the border fortifications of the Lombards, who blocked access from the south of France over the Alpine passes of Mont Cenis and the Montgenevre to northern Italy. The last Lombard king, Desiderius, tried in vain here in the year 773 to stop the troops of Charlemagne.