• R22
  • Freon 22
  • Freon 22
  • HCFC-22

Colorless, non-flammable gas


3.94 kg · m 3 (0 ° C)

-157.3 ° C

-40.9 ° C

908 kPa ( 20 ° C)

Poorly in water ( 3.63 g · l -1)


500 ml · m-3

1,810 (relative to 100 years)

-482.6 KJ / mol

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Chlorodifluoromethane is a chemical compound belongs to the group of partly halogenated hydrocarbons, HCFC and is also referred to as R22.

Production and representation

Chlorodifluoromethane is using in a liquid phase of carbon tetrachloride or chloroform CHCl3 by partial fluoridation of antimony (V ) chloride, fluoride ( SbCl4F ) as a catalyst.


Chlorodifluoromethane is used as an intermediate in the preparation of polytetrafluoroethylene. The fabric was once used primarily as a refrigerant in compression refrigeration systems. Atmospheric R22 damage the ozone layer, although less than the fully halogenated hydrocarbons. Therefore, it was temporarily used as a substitute for R12 and the transition times to the use ban of CFC- Halon Prohibition Ordinance were longer. Since 1 January 2000 is prohibited by the Montreal Protocol, R22 to import for use in new installations or R22 already filled equipment to manufacture or trade. Since the 1.1 2010 may be used only of recycled R22. From 2015, production and import 10 % of consumption in 1989 will be limited for each country, and banned from 2020. The use of recycled R22 is permitted until 2015.