Chooz Nuclear Power Plant


Active reactors ( gross ):

Decommissioned Reactors ( gross ):

The Chooz nuclear power plant located in the municipality Chooz on the Meuse; Operator is EDF. The nuclear power plant is located just 3 kilometers from the border with Belgium, between the French city of Charleville- Mézières and the Belgian municipality of Dinant. At its three reactor blocks were built in total, are of the two in operation.

The first reactor at the site was Chooz A, a pressurized water reactor from Westinghouse; the block was shut down in 1991 and is degraded since 2008.

Currently, there are two blocks, each with 1,500 MW of electrical power in operation: Chooz B1 and Chooz B2. The two blocks are of type N4 manufacturer Framatome ANP. The construction of Chooz B1 began on 1 January 1984, power supply was on 30 August 1996 and the commercial power operation started on 15 May 2000. Construction of Chooz B2 began on 31 December 1985, power supply was on 10 April 1997 and the commercial power operation began on 29 September 2000. both blocks of type N4 have a gross power output of 1560 MW and a net capacity of 1,500 MW. In terms of net output, they are the two most powerful units in the world, but one refers to the gross output, are there after the nuclear power plant Civaux the second largest in the world.

There are approximately 700 persons employed in Chooz. Since 2009, the Double Chooz experiment is operated at the site.


In 2004, three disturbances of Level 1 on the International Nuclear Event Scale Rating (INES ) were recorded.

Data of the reactor units

The Chooz nuclear power plant has a total of three blocks: