Chori Chori

  • Nargis: Kammo
  • Raj Kapoor: Saagar / Sultana Daku
  • Gope: Seth. Girdharilal
  • Master Bhagwan: Baghwan
  • Pran: Suman Kumar
  • David Abraham: Banwarilal
  • Johnny Walker: Shayar
  • Mukri: Madarilal

Chori Chori (Hindi: चोरी चोरी, Urdu: چوری چوری ) is a screwball comedy from 1956 and is based on Frank Capra's film It Happened One Night (1934 ). The main characters are Raj Kapoor and Nargis, one of the most popular screen couple that Bollywood has produced.


Kammo is the daughter of multi- millionaire Seth Girdharilal. Since she is his only daughter, Kammo is usually spoiled. Nevertheless, he locks her up in a ship's cabin. The reason: Kammo has fallen in love with the pilot Suman Kumar. Only the father believes is behind the love of the actual yaw of the pilot, to get at the family fortune.

In defiance Kammo escapes and makes straight for the trip to Bangalore, where Sumar is resident. Along the way she encounters again and again to the reporter Saagar, she can not stand first.

Meanwhile Kammos Father has 125,000 rupees set for the capture of his daughter, so Saagar has every effort to protect them from the people who are only on the reward from. Initially annoyed Saagar promises to bring Kammo sure to Bangalore. In return, he demanded the rights over Kammos to be able to write life story.

On their journey together they fall in love. But shortly before the finish leaves Saagar his companion thus reversing Kammo disappointed back to her parents' house. Glad of her return, her father is preparing the wedding with her lover Suman. Well, on the wedding day, even Saagar is present and finally both confess their love to each other.



Shankar - Jaikishan won the 1957 Filmfare Award for Best Music.


It is (apart from the brief appearance of Nargis in the movie Chasing Raho ) is the last film together the two leading actors Raj Kapoor and Nargis.