Chratze is a card game that is played primarily in German-speaking Switzerland and thus either with French or German / German Swiss Jass, and forms one of the many variants of Jass. It can theoretically be played by 2-7 players, ideally, 4-5 players.


The game is played with a deck of cards of 4 colors à 9 cards ( thus a total of 36 cards). Each player has 4 cards (where there is the possibility to change ) and must be either 2 stitches ( " chratze " ) or 1 stitch ( " metcho " / "means " ) make, or is out of the game ( " off " / " continue ").


The encoder is as long as donors, as no one decides to make the game ( to chratzen ); donor was gechratzt so changes in the counterclockwise direction. The dealer shuffles the cards and lets the player to the left of him stand out. He then distributed in a counterclockwise direction each player 2 cards at the end of themselves and also 2 covers a third card visible to everyone on the table on. This third card indicates the trump suit. Then each player is dealt 2 cards again, so that each holds 4 cards in hand. The remaining cards are placed in a stack next to the face up trump card - they are needed to swap cards later.

Chratze, metcho away

The first player after the dealer is first with announcements on the range. There are two options:

  • " Chratze " or
  • "away" / "fort".

" Chratze " means that the player must make two bites, "away" means that he provisionally adopted from the game. The round goes counter-clockwise, until someone chratzt. Chratzt nobody ( So are all " off " ), and the round is again reached the sensor ( which is also not chratzt ), so these covers to a new card, the trump is. Chratzt also in the third revealed no trump card, the card will be shuffled by the dealer and distributed (this will be another reason for which each player's due - see below: Pot). This is repeated as long chratzt to anyone.

Chratzt someone, so it starts at the new round ( all other players will be asked again, even if they have previously said already gone ). Now there are only the options:

  • " metcho " / "means " ( come ) or
  • "away" / "fort".

Who comes along, you must obtain a trick, who is away, playing in this round is not "gone" with (who has said, is "away" - there are always players who are after all the others are "gone", but still want to play ). There can be only one who chratzt thus per round. Come along any number of players, of course, the risk of not achieving his stitches, increases with each additional Mitkommenden.

Trade cards

Those players who remain in the game ( ie the Chratzer and those who come along ) have the opportunity to exchange cards before the game ( against the floor, which is the donor ). Here, the Chratzende sets out the number of cards from which he would have exchanged, then counterclockwise all Mitkommenden. Who replaced all 4 cards, gets 5 new but must before starting the game one of the five hidden again take ( this card is therefore out of the game ). With the trump 6 also can face up by the dealer trump card to be replaced. This is done preferably before the game starts, but after replacing the card to reveal the opponents not too much information in front of their card exchange.


Ace is the highest card, 6 the lowest. The exposed by the dealer is the key color - this color so stands out all the other colors. Unlike a trump card of the Swiss slide ( see Jass ), the order is also in the trump suit from Ace down. The Chratzende opened the game. Color has always played ( added to even acknowledge ) are, so there is not can cut off a trick, as long as you have this color yet. If a player has no card of the suit played (more), so trump must be played ( even if this means that so-called " under trump " needs ).


The game is played for a pot. In each round, each player pays a constant amount ( eg 20 cents ), which is 5 players before the game starts 1 franc. To this pot is played. In this round, a player is " off ", so he has no way to regain its basic use. The " Chratzende " must make two stitches - it does not reach this, he pays double the pot as well as for the basic use for the next round in the pot (in the present example thus CHF 2.20 ). When it reaches its 2 stitches, he receives 2/3 of the pot, the remaining 1/3 get the Mitgekommenen which have made their down. Those Mitgekommenen who have not reached their sting, to pay the simple pot plus basic use (here thus CHF 1.20 ). Achieved only one player his tricks, he gets the whole pot. Does not reach the Chratzende his stitches, so the pot is equally among the Mitgekommenen who have reached their bites, divided. Emergence in the distribution of the pot odd amounts, it is "always" rounded up in favor of the Chratzenden to 20 centimes. The pot is paid out each first, then pay those players who have not reached their bites, the amount owed ( and the other players the basic use ).

Chratzen "Blind "

Blind ( blind ) and blind blind ( blind blind ) can be only announced by the giver. Both terms mean that the giver chratzt, so the other players have only the choice between metcho and away. Since both will be announced during dispensing of the cards, the other players have no way to chratzen ( which these were the only cases where the giver not the very end with announcements is off ).

A " blind " is, but announced by the giver by uncovering the trump card before considering his own 4 cards. In this case, the giver chratzt blind treatment, he gets the revealed trump card ( it can not be taken away from him with the trump 6). It makes sense a blind is especially true when an ace is, as you thus already has a secure stitch.

A "blind blind " must be announced before revealing the trump card. The giver is rewarded with the face up trump card and with the last 2 cards to a third. Again, he can face up trump card not be taken with the trump 6. Really useful a blind blind man is not really, it proves more risk appetite of the giver.

When any possible swap of cards must always be filled only 4 cards. Apart from the players all puts down, so he gets 5 ( should therefore lay down 6 cards in blind blind the giver, he still get only 5 -. Respectively when he lays down four of his six cards, he only gets 2 new ).


Even without two safe stitches on the hand can (and will ) gechratzt because there is still the possibility of the card exchange. Whether you chratzt, depends on various factors, such as whether one ( " chratze " "away" ) is the quality of the leaf, the size of the pot as well as the first with announcements of the series ( the last this is easier because you already know if the players want chratzen itself).

From the perspective of Chratzenden

Even if you do not have two stitches secure, you can still get 2 stitches. Popular is not to open up the game with uncertain trump cards in the hope that the Mitkommenden do not have this color and thus lose a trump card. Has a Mitkommender tapped the first trick with Trump, the Chratzende tried using a low trump to take the game back in to achieve then with its high trump card to his second stitch.

From the perspective of Mitkommenden

Even with only a lower trump card can come along since, in addition stockings could be included in the card exchange. Aces are usually kept by other colors in the hope that this color is played.

Susi rule

This additional rule seeks to prevent that no one comes along, although someone chratzt, and thus the whole pot without a fight goes to the Chratzenden, making the next round will again be covered entirely with basic use. If nobody is using, so it is the last player in the hand, is " to sacrifice ". If he does not, he may be cursed by the other players "Susi".


The Chratzen seems the Bavarian card game " Tweak " similar.

To the division of the pot to facilitate something that can be used to help the program ' iChratze ' can be used simultaneously ( Freeware). Download at: / it


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