Chris Montgomery

Christopher " Monty" Montgomery (also known as " Monty ", " Montay " and on the web as " xiphmont "; born June 6 1972 [ ?] ) Is a developer of free multimedia software. He is also the creator of the free Ogg container format and the Vorbis audio codec and the founder of the Xiph.Org Foundation, which promotes the use of unlimited usable multimedia codecs.

He is an experienced multimedia programmers, have long been proponents of the idea of free software and musician. Montgomery lives near Boston.

Montgomery studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he made a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and computer science. He also reached the degree of Master of Engineering in Technical computer science at the Technical University of Tokyo ( Tōkōdai ,东 工 大). In 1994 he founded the current Xiph.Org Foundation. Towards the end of 1994 he began to work on cdparanoia. In 1998 he began to work directly Vorbis - as further developments of which he had provided for his MIT study work. By 2013, he worked on behalf of Red Hat on improving the Theora codec. In addition, he is working ( on) on a new audio codec.

In October 2013 he moved to Mozilla to work on a new video standard called " Daala ", which should be HEVC/H.265 superior in quality.