Chris Tucker

Christopher " Chris " Tucker ( born August 31, 1971 in Atlanta, Georgia) is an American film actor and comedian.

Life and work

In the U.S., it achieved a breakthrough as Ice Cubes constantly stoned " Homie " named Smokey in the comedy Friday, the first part of the Friday trilogy. Despite the success of his role, he stood for the two sequels Next Friday and Friday After Next is no longer available ( it was replaced by the popular African- American actor Mike Epps ).

In the German-speaking world for the first time in 1997 he attracted greater attention than penetrating, but funny broadcaster Ruby Rhod in Luc Besson's science-fiction film The Fifth Element on the side of action hero Bruce Willis.

Both nationally and internationally successful were the three rush hour movies in which he starred alongside Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan the second major role. The Rush Hour movies live mainly from the funny dialogues between Detective James Carter ( Chris Tucker ) and Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) who have cultural differences between the Americans and the Chinese Carter Lee to the content in the first place.

Chris Tucker was a close friend of Michael Jackson. He played in his music video " You Rock My World " (2001) alongside Michael Jackson a major role. 2004/ 05 he testified in the trial of Michael Jackson for his friend. One of his good friends is one of Jackie Chan.

Its standard voice actor is Torsten Michaelis.


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