Christes is a municipality in the district Schmalkalden- Meiningen in Thuringia and belongs to the administrative community Dolmar salt bridge.

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Christes located in the southern Thuringian Forest southeast of Schmalkalden and north of the 739.5 -meter-high Dolmar.

Neighboring communities

In the southwest lies Metzels, to the south behind the Dolmar the community Kühndorf, in the southeast Schwarza, in the east and in the north Viernau Schmalkalden with the hamlet of Breitenbach.


833 was the German spoken in a deed of gift of Gaugrafen Christian I. and his wife salvation weighting to King Louis for the first time of ' Christaneshusun '. Christian I was the father of the founder of the monastery pipe. Christes was mentioned in a document then as Villa Christens. The local wells ( Christ -Born ) were awarded, so of 1425 to the first half of the 16th century took place pilgrimages, which brought prosperity to the place and importance of healing powers. From 1686 was dug in the forester pit at 566 m high little Dolmar for copper and silver, the ore was smelted in a smelter at Schwarza. 1695 came the mining by an accident to a halt.

Christes first belonged to the county of Henneberg, Sachsen- Zeitz since 1660, from 1718 on to the Electorate of Saxony (in office Kühndorf ). Between 1500 and 1806 the city was in the Frankish Empire circle. From 1816 to 1944 Christes belonged to the governmental district of the Prussian province of Saxony Erfurt. In the GDR Christes came in 1952 in the district of Suhl.

Christes was from 1657 to 1681 of the witch hunts affected: two women and a man came in witch trials, executed a wife, died in detention. The first victim in 1657 was Anna, Valentine Make dance woman.

Population Development

Development of the population (31 December):

  • 2004: 689
  • 2005: 690
  • 2006: 681
  • 2007: 668
  • 2011: 628

Culture and sights

  • In Christes is since 1443 the smallest late Gothic three-aisled basilica of Europe, the Church of Our Lady. In the Lady Chapel remains double wall paintings are preserved as well as a baptismal font dating from 1572.
  • The historic center with its basilica on the Lindenhügel is a listed building since 1992.
  • Germany known throughout the training camp Christes is the swimming pool, the special camp for chess and mathematics, as well as summer camps attract many young visitors.
  • In addition, there are in and around the old city landmarks, cross-stones and a half-timbered house dating from the 17th century.

Economy and infrastructure

Education Camp Christes

  • Germany's only Gifted Camp for elementary school students


  • Gebr Recknagel GmbH precision steel, tool steel and semi-finished products for the die-
  • Metal Reumschüssel

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