Christiaan Hendrik Persoon

Christian Hendrik Persoon ( born February 1, 1761 the Cape Colony, † November 16, 1836 in Paris) was a mycologist and botanist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Pers."


Persoon revised and expanded, founded by Carl Linnaeus classification of fungi strong. He was descended from Dutch and German ancestry and was born in South Africa. He died destitute in Paris.

Along with his contemporaries Elias Magnus Fries, he is considered the father of modern mycology.

A significant achievement was the establishment of the nomenclatural subspecies as rank by him.


In his honor, named John Edward Smith, the genus of the plant family Persoonia the silver tree plants ( Proteaceae ).

Also appearing since 1959 Persoonia magazine is named after him.


  • Observationes mycologicae (1795-1799)
  • Synopsis Fungorum methodica (1801 )
  • Synopsis plantarum (1805-1807)
  • Mycologia Europaea (1822-1828)