Christian Carion

Christian Carion ( born January 4, 1963 in Cambrai ) is a French film director, screenwriter and actor.


Christian Carion was born in 1963 as son of two farmers in Cambrai, in the French department of Nord. At the age of thirteen, he discovered his passion for cinema. After a classic French High School ( Baccalauréat classique ), he studied at the request of his parents at an engineering school of the Ministry of Agriculture. In addition to his studies, he began with a video camera to handle and initially to realize films without much interest. This changed, however, when he made the acquaintance of the French film producer Christophe Rossignon who recognized the talent of Carion and promoted.

In addition to his work for the Ministry of Agriculture Carion turned three short films, including Monsieur le député, in which Christophe Rossignon was seen as a performer. 2001 Christian Carion realized together with Rossignon his first feature film. In the summer One swallow does decides Sandrine, a 30 -year-old office worker from Paris to abandon the hectic life of the big city and to fulfill the dream of a lonely farm in southeastern France. The tragicomedy with Mathilde Seigner and Michel Serrault in the lead roles drew 2.4 million visitors in the French cinema and brought Carion praise from critics. A year later he was nominated best first work for the prestigious French film award César in the category.

After the success of the summer One swallow does dared the director approached a larger project that he had considered already in 1993. In the large-scale production Merry Christmas Carion filmed in 2005 complicated the peace of Christmas, among other things in his home region during the First World War ( 1914-1918) TOOK PLACE. The fairytale-like film to an unauthorized truce between German, Scottish and French soldiers on December 24, 1914 had its premiere on 16 May 2005 at the Film Festival of Cannes. The approximately 22 -million-euro German - French co-production with Benno Fürmann, Diane Kruger, Guillaume Canet and Daniel Brühl in the lead roles, was able to conquer # 1 on the French box office in its publication right away and was established in 2006 for an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and the British Academy film Award for Best Foreign Language film as well as six times for the César nominated. Outside of France, was Carrions staging though as authentic, but was interpreted largely as old-fashioned, cliched and cheesy.

Carion acted in his works A swallow in the summer and Merry Christmas in supporting roles before the camera. In 2006 he received a small part in Guillaume Canets drama No One. Carion again sat Canet together with Diane Kruger and Willem Dafoe in his thriller L'affaire Farewell ( 2009) a, but with which he was unable to match its previous successes.




  • 2006: nominated in the category Best Foreign Language Film for Merry Christmas

British Academy Film Award

  • 2006: nominated for Best Foreign Language Film for Merry Christmas


  • 2002: nominated for Best debut for One swallow does the summer
  • 2006: nominated for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay for Merry Christmas


Guild of German Arthauskinos

  • 2003: A Film Award in Gold for The Girl

Palm Springs International Film Festival

  • 2003: John Schlesinger Award for One swallow does the summer