Christian Colson

Christian Colson (* in England ) is a British film producer.


Christian Colson studied English at Wadham College, Oxford. In 1994, he began with the British artist management agency London and supervised screenwriting and playwrights; Four years later, he worked as a project developer and in 1999 as head of project development at the newly formed company HAL movie. After it did the collaboration between production company Miramax Films and HAL Film at the film Mansfield Park 1999, he moved to Miramax.

After Miramax Films he rose in June 2002 when only two years old production company Celador, which had just released her first film Dirty Pretty Things, which was in turn distributed by Miramax.

As head of production and development, he was initially intended only for the next two years, however, received in 2005 the offer, together with the Director of Celador, Paul Smith to become CEO. From then on, followed by his first films as a producer, including Neil Marshall's successful horror film The Descent - abyss of horror. A wide audience Colson was known as The 2009 BAFTA Awards, the British Independent Film Award, a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award for Best Film contrary took the shot in Mumbai Slumdog Millionaire by Danny Boyle.


  • 2005: The Descent - abyss of horror ( The Descent, directed by Neil Marshall)
  • 2005: Lies ( Separate Lives, directed by Julian Fellowes )
  • 2008: Eden Lake ( Director: James Watkins )
  • 2008: Slumdog Millionaire ( Slumdog Millionaire, directed by Danny Boyle )
  • 2009: The Descent 2 - The Hunt Continues ( The Descent: Part 2, directed by Jon Harris)
  • 2010: Centurion ( Centurion, directed by Neil Marshall)
  • 2010: 127 Hours (directed by Danny Boyle )
  • 2013: Trance - Dangerous Memories (Trance, directed by Danny Boyle )