Christian Democratic Employees' Association

The Christian- Democratic labor force (CDA ) is an association of the CDU with the thematic focus " company policy ". Another competing self - designation is " CDU social committees ".

The CDU social committees have emerged from the Christian Social movement and make the claim for the Christian Socialists within the CDU to offer a home. The Christian Socialists are one of the three major party wing of the CDU in addition to the Liberals and the Conservatives.

The seat is Berlin, formerly King Winter in Bonn.

Data of the national associations


The establishment of the CDA was operated after the Second World War, mainly by former Christian trade unionists in the workers' strongholds of North Rhine- Westphalia. The official establishment of the CDA was in 1946 at the Kolping House in Herne instead. In the early years, stood for the CDA programmatically especially the social question, ie physical safety of employees and their position in the factories, in the foreground. Since the union in 1967 with the Offenburg Declaration adopted its first policy statement, she turned increasingly to also societal issues. Priorities in the work of the CDA today form in addition to the labor and social policies and the pension, health and family policy.

Internal structure

Agencies of the CDU social committees include their youth organization, the Young CDA, formerly Young employees ( YES), as well as the working groups women in the CDA, Christian Social Operating labor, AG DGB, AG dbb and AG German Armed Forces Association. The boy CDA has also been launched at the inaugural meeting in 1947 in Herne from life. It is organized into 15 regional associations. All members of the CDA are automatically a member of the CDA boys up to 35 years.

The CDA is working closely with the workers' union of the CSU.



In CDU-led governments at the federal and state level, at least the social or labor minister has been traditionally provided by senior members of CDA. However, Ursula von der Leyen only simple member, her Parliamentary Secretary Dr Ralf Brauksiepe other hand, is the Deputy National Chairman CDA.