Christian Democratic People's Party (Hungary)

The KDNP (Hungarian: Kereszténydemokrata Néppárt, German Christian Democratic People's Party ) is a Christian democratic party in Hungary. In the 1990s, she received 5 to 10 % of the vote. The KDNP was officially re- established in 1989, but this by referring to the old People's Democratic Party of the pre-socialist period. Thus, the founders of KDNP, T. and J. Füzessy Ugrin 1945-1948 had worked in the old people's party. The KDNP belongs therefore to the new-old parties in the post-socialist transition countries of Europe. One problem that the KDNP accompanied since re-establishment, was the age structure of their voters: According to party details over 50 % of voters were in the 1990 retirees. At the parliamentary elections in Hungary in 2006, the party entered into an electoral alliance with the right-wing Fidesz - Hungarian Civic Union at. Meanwhile, she has risen in Fidesz, with Fidesz has attached the name as a suffix.

Political orientation

The Christian Democratic People's Party after its reestablishment a moderate Christian Democratic Party, agreed the various facets of Christian social and national conservative. Since taking over the party presidency by György Giczy 1994, she has developed into a national-conservative, right-wing populist and Catholic fundamentalist party. The chairman is now Zsolt Semjén.

Election results

  • Hungarian party
  • Christian Democratic Party
  • Established in 1943
  • Founded in 1989
  • Organization ( Budapest)

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