Christian Doctrine Fathers

The doctrine of Aryan (Latin: Congregation Patrum doctrinae christianae, religious symbol: DC), also known as the priests of the Christian doctrine, are a Roman Catholic congregation of priests. It was founded in 1592 in Avignon by César de Bus ( from 1544 to 1607 in Avignon ) and concentrated especially on pastoral care, the education of young people and the provision of instruction (Latin: doctrina = teaching or science ).

Origin story

The doctrine Aryans were initially founded by a Milan's Mario de Sadis Cusani around 1560 in Rome association of priests and lay people who gave mainly religious instruction. It went the " Brotherhood of Christian doctrine " and the " secular priests of Christian doctrine " out. These two organizations joined Pope Benedict XIV in 1747 with the formed by César de Bus in 1592 and in 1597 by Pope Clement VIII confirmed " Congregation of Christian doctrine " together.

History of the order of priests

After a somewhat dissolute life learned César de Bus 1575 an inward change and gained new spiritual experiences. Since that time he devoted himself to the study of Christian doctrine and the preaching of the Gospel. This inspired him to start a priestly association, which should focus turn to the information and of the study of Christian doctrine. Was on September 29, 1592 with several diocesan priests, the founding assembly completed. On December 23, 1597 Pope Clement VIII granted the license to practice; until the death of the founder ( 1607) the new community had grown to three houses in Toulouse, Brive- la -Gaillarde and Avignon. On April 9, 1616 transformed Pope Paul V, the previous association in a congregation to. 1658 Pope Alexander VII granted the Order of the school law, and thus the instruction in grammar, rhetoric, and philosophy. The members of the Order now laid aside the monastic vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, so it was an institute of consecrated life. In 1726 they were by Pope Benedict XIII. transferred the church of Santa Maria in Monticelli as a house church, and in 1747 took place under Benedict XIV, the merger of the "Priests and Brothers of the Christian doctrine of " final Congregation " priest of the Christian doctrine." During the French Revolution ( 1789-1799 ), the Order in France was forbidden, and his family were persecuted.


The priests of the Christian teaching today work as a teacher and catechesis in Brazil, Burundi, India, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. Their general house has its seat in Rome at the Church of Santa Maria in Monticelli. Since 2007, Father Giovanni Mario Redaelli is the Superior General of the doctrine Aryans, who succeeded Luciano Mascarin. The Congregation has (as of December 2005) over 18 education institutions with 93 members of the Order, of which 58 exercise the priesthood. The Order provides with José Alves da Costa, DC and Vilson Dias de Oliveira DC, both in Brazil, two active bishops.