Christian Eduard Langethal

Christian Eduard Langethal ( born January 6, 1806 Erfurt, † July 28, 1878 in Jena ) was a German crop scientist, botanist and agricultural historians. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Langeth. ".

Life and work

Christian Eduard Langethal, son of a shoemaker studied, since 1827 natural sciences at the University of Jena and acquired there in 1831 Doctor of Philosophy degree. During his studies, he became in 1827 a member of the fraternity Jenaische and 1830, the fraternity Arminia Jena. In 1835 he went with his teacher, Professor Friedrich Gottlob Schulze, at the recently founded Academy of Agricultural Eldena near Greifswald, where he gave lectures on natural history. Together with Schulze in 1839, he returned back to the University of Jena and was appointed Professor of Agricultural Botany and Crop Science.

Langethal teaching was strongly affected by deafness. To so intense he worked as a technical writer in the fields of agricultural botany and agricultural history. His most successful work was the " textbook of agricultural wirth economic botany for practical agriculturists and friends of the vegetable kingdom ." It is in several volumes published ( 1841-1845 ) and was reissued five times, most recently in 1876 under the title "Handbook of agricultural wirth economic botany and plant cultivation ." It was for decades as a standard reference for agronomists, botanists and farmers. The thorough description of the main agricultural crops of vegetables and medicinal plants as well as for the agricultural sector belonging fruit and forest trees served following textbook authors as a model.

A name as an agricultural historian Langethal earned with his 1847 to 1856, published in four volumes, part " History of German agriculture ". The fourth sub-band, which covers the period between 1618 to 1800, is a valuable source of information especially for the early history of crop science. The Verlagsbuchhandlung Paul Parey in Berlin can later re- edit the complete works. In the series of " Thaer Library " are after 1880 under the same title published further editions.

Major works

  • Textbook of country wirth economic botany for practical agriculturists and friends of the vegetable kingdom, part 4 volumes, published by the Cröker'schen bookstore Jena from 1841 to 1845; 2nd, 3rd and 4th ed ibid. in part volumes from 1851 to 1866. - 5 new Full Edit. Ed under the title Handbook of agricultural wirth economic botany and plant cultivation, part 4 volumes, Verlagsbuchhandlung Paul Parey Berlin 1876.
  • The plants of northern Germany according to their natural families, Standörtern and materials with a machined according to new principles flowers calendar. For agriculturists, foresters, pharmacists and all friends of the plant kingdom. Publisher Luden Jena in 1843.
  • Terminology descriptive botany. In addition to a Latin- German and German -Latin dictionary,. Publisher Mauke Jena 1845.
  • History of German agriculture. 4 partial volumes, published by Luden Jena in 1847, 1850, 1854 and 1856 -. Editions under the same title, shortened and revised by E. Michelsen and F. Nedderich. Verlagsbuchhandlung Paul Parey Berlin 2nd edition 1882; 3rd edition 1890, 4th edition 1902 = Thaer Library Vol 4
  • Description of plants in Germany according to their natural families and their importance for agriculture. Publisher Mauke Jena 1858; 2nd edition ibid. 1868.
  • Keilhau in its infancy. Memories of the oldest pupil of the institution. Jena, 1867. Publisher Friedr. From man.