Christian Eigner

Christian Eigner ( born March 2, 1971 in Vienna, Austria ) is an Austrian drummer.

Musical career

As a studio musician owner has worked on over 300 albums, among other things, he played for Kurt Eastern Railway (studio and live), Peter Cornelius and George Danzer.

1997 met the owner Dave Clayton, who worked on the production of the album Ultra as a keyboardist for Depeche Mode. Clayton took him into the studio owner played before and was eventually hired by the band. Since then, the owner is also touring drummer of Depeche Mode. He also supported along with Andrew Philpott Dave Gahan writing songs. As ever, the emergence of three titles for the Depeche Mode albums Playing the Angel (2005) and Sounds of the Universe ( 2009) and Gahan's solo album Hourglass (2007).

In 2005 he has released his first solo album Recovery. He is also head of the projects The Shadow ( with Andrew Philpott ) and Compact Space ( with Daryl Bamonte and Florian Kraemmer ).

For the film, the quarter-liter class owner wrote the film music together with Erich Buchebner.

Pictures of Christian Eigner