Christian Kleine

Christian Kleine ( born December 8, 1974 in Lindau ) is a German electronica musician and DJ.


Little grew up on Lake Constance, and began 10 years a classical trumpet training. Later he also learned to play the bass guitar and the drums. Initially strongly influenced by New Wave and post-punk, he quickly turned to electronic music. At the age of 17 he started as a DJ act and soon had a regular engagement as a resident DJ of a club.

1995 Small moved to Berlin, where he worked first as a solo artist produced his own music. Two years later he met the Berlin radio DJ Thaddeus Herrmann, with whom he founded the project, Hermann & Kleine. Both took on together two EPs and an album. Small solo debut album Beyond Repair was released in 2001 on Herrmann's label City Centre Offices.

It was followed by a collaboration with musician Arovane, acted for his second album Tides Small as co- producer.

Discography (selection)


  • 2001: Christian Kleine - Beyond Repair ( City Centre Offices )
  • 2002: Herrmann & Kleine - Our Noise ( Morr Music)
  • 2004: Christian Kleine - Real Ghosts ( City Centre Offices )
  • 2010: Christian Kleine - Illusion ( Christian Kleine Self -released )
  • 2013: Christian Kleine - Shipbuilding ( Christian Kleine Self -released )

Singles & EPs