Christian ministry

Missionary societies are organizations whose purpose is the transmission of missionaries.

Mission organizations

  • Association of Evangelical Missions (AEM )
  • Association Pentecostal - Charismatic Missions ( APCM )
  • Churches and Missions in Germany (EMW )
  • Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples

Church assignment of missionary societies

The term has in the churches partially different meaning:

Protestant missionary societies (Selection)

  • In the Protestant churches that's when it associations to support the mission. One of the oldest is the resultant in London 1698 Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. Especially in the 19th century, dozens of nationally organized missionary societies have emerged that have come together in 1921 in the International Missionary Council and the World Council of Churches in 1961. 1971 was established in Germany as an umbrella organization mission society.
  • Basel Mission
  • Bethel Mission
  • Berlin Evangelical Missionary Society
  • Berlin Society for the carriage of the Protestant missions among the heathen
  • Berlin Mission
  • Berlin Mission
  • Berlin Mission Society
  • Danish - Halle Mission
  • German Institute for Medical Mission, founded in 1906
  • Churches and Missions in Germany
  • Churches and Missions in South Western Germany
  • Gossner Mission, Berlin
  • Leipzig Mission
  • Liebenzeller Mission
  • Lutheran Church Mission
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship
  • Society for interior and exterior of mission within the meaning of the Lutheran church eV
  • A World Mission
  • North German Mission
  • Rhenish Mission
  • Scripture Gift Mission
  • Serving in Mission
  • Centre for Mission and Ecumenism - North Church worldwide

Free Church missionary societies (Selection)

  • Alliance Mission in Federation of Free Evangelical Churches in Germany
  • Foreign Mission of the Union of Evangelical Free Churches
  • Christian Social Service Agency Fund - Stephen / CDH Stephen V.
  • Christ for all Nations ( CfaN )
  • German Mennonite Mission Committee ( DMMK )
  • German Inland Mission ( DIM)
  • European- Baptist Mission Society / (EBM )
  • Missionary Activities in South America / MASA
  • Mission Mitternachtsruf
  • Mission Werner Heukelbach
  • Eastern Europe Mission International ( OMI )

Interdenominational missionary societies (Selection)

In support of the mission societies many mission societies were founded in the 19th century.

  • Agape Mission eV
  • Action Committee for Persecuted Christians
  • Campus Crusade for Christ eV
  • German Bible League V.
  • German Indians pioneer mission eV
  • German Missionary Society eV
  • German Mission Medical Team
  • The hand of brotherhood eV
  • Frontiers
  • Globe Europe Mission Society eV
  • Herold font Mission eV
  • Help for brothers V.
  • Indicamino
  • Inter-Mission eV
  • Youth with a Mission
  • Light in the East
  • Mission cutter Elida V.
  • New Tribes Mission
  • Open Air Campaigners
  • Operation Mobilisation
  • Shelter Now
  • Overseas Missionary Community
  • Velberter Mission
  • United German Mission Help
  • Volksmission staunch Christians
  • WEC International
  • Wycliffe / SIL International *

Catholic missionary orders (selection)

  • In the Catholic Church is understood as generally all religious missionary orders or Mission Institutes of diocesan priests
  • Especially those missionary institutes, secular institutes or similar institutions that have emerged since the mid-19th century.
  • Claretian
  • Comboni Missionaries
  • Sacred Heart Missionaries
  • Queen of the Apostles
  • Marianists
  • Marist
  • Missionary Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate ( Apostolate )
  • Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions
  • Salesians of Don Bosco
  • Divine Word Missionaries
  • White Fathers

Catholic mission societies and mission Works (selection)

  • Missio
  • Missionary Society of Boa Nova
  • Missionary Society of St.. Joseph of Mill Hill