Christian Motorcyclists Association

The Christian Motorcyclists Association ( CMA ) is an association of Christian motorcyclists within the rocker scene. It involves several Motorcycle Clubs, or Chapter, which are distributed over the whole world. The organization currently has more than 150,000 members in 1,140 chapters in 31 countries around the world.


The CMA was founded in 1975 by Herb Shreve and his son Herbie in Arkansas, United States. Shreve was a former Baptist minister, a goal was to spread the Gospel to the biker scene. The club was a voluntary basis from the beginning and organized common exits and charitable fundraising. The organization quickly spread. Larger meetings in the United States attracted up to 1,200 members. 2007, the CMA had 335 chapters in North America alone. Herb Shreve died on 22 October 2011.


The association works in principle like a Motorcycle Club and has a cowl with single color. This consists of a triangle (for the Trinity), in which the club name on it. In this a Bible is shown, on the one hand is placed on the oath. Above and below the triangle stands the slogan " Riding for the Son " ( loosely translated: " Motorcycling for the Son of God "). The club anthem of the same name was written by Jerry Williams. As with other MCs is one of candidates ' introductory period ' expected. Most important condition for admission is a commitment to Jesus Christ.

One of the actions of the club include booths at events of the rocker scene, custom motorcycle services, exits and common prayers. The organization is also involved in pastoral care and visited befriended MCs. The largest rally of the United States takes place once a year on the first Saturday in May. The route is 60 to 100 miles. 2012 3.2 million U.S. dollars have been collected on this rally, which were donated to charity.

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