Christian Stock

Christian Stock ( born August 28, 1884 in Darmstadt, † April 13, 1967 in Seeheim ) was a German SPD politician and the first elected Prime Minister of Hesse.


Stock was born the son of a cigar worker. After attending elementary school he was like his father in Pfungstadt cigar workers. In 1902 he joined the SPD and prescribed since then his whole life to the cause of democracy and social equality of the workers. In 1910 he became district secretary of the Tobacco Workers Union Baden, Palatinate and Hesse, from 1914 he worked as a laborer Secretary Head of the Legal Information Centre Baden unions in Heidelberg.

In 1919 he was a member of the Weimar National Assembly. In March 1920, Reich President Friedrich Ebert appointed him as Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Defense, where he had the task of overcoming the consequences of the right-wing Kapp Putsch. He held until September 1, 1920 This Office. In 1922 he became director of the AOK Heidelberg, later Director of AOK Frankfurt am Main. For this office he continued until 1933, after the "seizure of power " by the Nazis dismissed. He was then imprisoned for several months in a concentration camp Kislau. After his release, he worked as representatives of various companies until he could set up your own cigar shop located in Darmstadt, at a secret meeting of the Social Democrats, including Henry Zinnkann and Professor Ludwig Bergsträsser was.

After the Second World War, he was again first Director of AOK Frankfurt am Main, later president of the National Insurance Institute Hesse. He belonged to the Constitutional Advisory Hesse State Assembly and was named after the first free parliamentary election on December 1, 1946 a few weeks later, was elected on 20 December 1946 by the Hessian state parliament with 58 of 87 votes for the Hessian Minister President. He formed a coalition government of the SPD and CDU, which he chaired until 1950.

During his tenure, it was about building the democratic state and to secure the economic livelihood of the citizens of Hesse and the hundreds of thousands of refugees. At the same time he was involved as chairman of the Conference of Prime Ministers intensively with the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In November 1954, floor - now 70 years old - elected to the parliament of Hesse.