Christian Wilhelm Allers

Christian Wilhelm Allers ( born August 6 1857 in Hamburg, † October 19, 1915 in Karlsruhe ) was a German draftsman, painter and illustrator, who have particularly through naturalistic portraits and scenes of everyday life and scenes from the life of the Marines and his books Bismarck was known.


C. W. Allers was born in 1857 in Hamburg, the son of a businessman. He was there first worked as a lithographer, but switched in 1877 to Karlsruhe, where he initially continued to work as a lithographer. In the Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, he took lessons among others Prof. Ferdinand Keller. In the years 1880 and 1881 he served in the Navy in Kiel and was thereby sponsored by Anton von Werner.

In Kiel he also met Klaus Groth, whom he often met and sometimes portrayed.

He became known in 1888 for his book " Eintracht ". It was soon followed by another successful portfolios and illustrated books (including Bismarck ), so that he could build a house in 1890 in Karlsruhe and in 1892 a villa on Capri. There he lived for many years ( with stops in Hamburg and Karlsruhe and travel in many countries of the world ). His villa was attended by many German and foreign celebrities.

But in the autumn of 1902 there was a scandal: he was accused of pederasty ( as a result of the " Krupp scandal " to Friedrich Alfred Krupp ) and was sentenced in 1903 by an Italian court to 4 ½ years in prison. Allers fled and traveled several times around the world. He continued to paint (now under the stage name " W. Andresen " ) and earned his living primarily through portraits. He died in 1915 shortly after his return to Germany.

Artistic classification

C. W. Allers was a naturalist. He drew his motives very detailed and realistic, without incorporate their own feelings. When viewers but movements can come up with the contents of the works but, for example, by the representation of social antagonisms, or the effects of aging. However, he took the liberty to incorporate faces him famous people in other scenes, in this sense, he is not a realist. Technically Allers worked a lot with pencil and chalk. His colorful works were created in the rule based on a pencil drawing that was later colored (pastel, oil, ...).

Thematically, his work can be divided into the following areas:

  • Scenes of everyday life ( for example, Eintracht, Spree Athens )
  • Travel stories (eg La bella Napoli, Around the Earth )
  • Representation of important personalities (eg Our Bismarck )
  • Portraits on commission

Image portfolios and illustrated books

As author or editor

Reprints there on the works:

  • Baksheesh (1973, ISBN 3-7702-2700- X; 2008, ISBN 978-3-86805-159-9 )
  • Spree Athens (1979, ISBN 3-7925-0263-1 )
  • Our Marine ( under the title " Everyday Life in the Imperial Navy in 1890 ", 1993, ISBN 3-89488-051-1 )
  • The German hunters book (2006, ISBN 3-8262-0110-8 ).

As an illustrator


Otto von Bismarck, 1892

Otto von Bismarck as a 19- year-old, 1893

Berlin ( at the Brandenburg Gate, 1889)

Berlin ( Chinese in the horse-drawn tram, 1889)

Marine Academieball

Vice Admiral Knorr

At the port of Lacco Ameno (Ischia, Italy)

Pompeii: ' Oh the poor poor dog '

Rama V Chulalongkorn, King of Siam (1898 )

Capri, Villa Allers

Ganymede (1913, signed as ' W.Andresen ')

When patches

Karl Streit, Bad Kissingen

Carl Schurz May 8, 1888, Hamburg

Klaus Groth (1888, detail )

Exhibitions and Museums

After Allers ' death an estate exhibition at the Kunsthaus Hamburg Louis Bock & Sohn took place in September 1916. In 1957 ( 100th year of birth) led the Altona Museum by a single exhibition. 1969 published the German Federal Post Office Berlin a series of marks containing three motifs of Allers.

In the present, prints are exhibited in the maritime context, the International Maritime Museum Hamburg in the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven. Originals are recorded in the collections ( but not in the permanent collections ) of the Altona Museum and Hamburger Kunsthalle. Also the Klaus- Groth - Museum in Heide shows some sketches and prints.

From March 14 2013 to September 29, 2013 the Museum Obere Saline in Bad Kissingen showed a Allers exhibition.