Christian Wilhelm Franz Walch

Christian Wilhelm Franz Walch ( born December 25, 1726 Jena, † March 10, 1784 in Göttingen ) was a Protestant church historian and professor of theology in Göttingen.

His parents were the theologian Johann Georg Walch (1693-1775) and Charlotte Catherine, born Budde. His older brother was Johann Ernst Immanuel Walch.

At the University of Jena he studied theology, philosophy and Oriental Languages ​​, earned his Master of Arts in 1745 and his doctorate in December. Then he read two years exegesis, philosophy and history and then went on with his brother, an educational journey through Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Italy.

On June 17, 1750 he was at the University of Jena ao. Professor of Philosophy. In April 1754 he was o at Göttingen University Professor of Philosophy ( History ), and in July in addition ao. Professor of Theology. Here he acquired in the same year his doctorate in theology and was three years later Full Professor of Theology. He read dogmatics, morals, polemics, exegesis, church history with Christian literary history and canon law. In 1760 he got into the university administration on the Curator Aerariorum piorum and was from 1765 to 1784 director of the Repetentenkollegs.

In 1763 he married Eleanor Friderike Crome, daughter of Friedrich Andreas Crome. It was the end of 1766 the first professor of the Faculty of Theology and included in the Society of Sciences, philological- historical class, Göttingen. In 1772, he was appointed large Britannic consistory and from 1779 to 1780 he was director of the Society of Sciences in Göttingen.

His main work was the design of a complete history of heresies ( 11 volumes, 1762-85 ).

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