Christian William of Brandenburg

Christian William of Brandenburg ( born August 28, 1587 Wolmirstedt; † January 1, 1665 in Kloster Zinna ) was a Margrave of Brandenburg and 1598-1631 Archbishop of Magdeburg.


Christian Wilhelm was a son of the Elector Joachim Frederick of Brandenburg (1546-1608) from his first marriage to Catherine (1549-1602), daughter of Margrave John of Brandenburg- Kuestrin ( 1513-1571 ).

He was elected in 1598 to the Archbishop of Magdeburg and took in 1614, his marriage and trace the title of a Lutheran administrator. In the renaming he also became coadjutor and 1624 Administrator of Halberstadt. In the city of Magdeburg, Christian Wilhelm, however, was not recognized because he lacked the imperial confirmation of his office.

During the Thirty Years' War, he settled into an alliance with Denmark, took over in 1626 at the Lower Saxon War army a command, fought in the Battle at the Dessauer bridge, was then defeated by Wallenstein and driven away and in 1631 sold by the chapter.

Christian Wilhelm fled abroad, most recently in 1629 to Sweden to Gustav Adolf, which he entered in 1630 at the same time again on German soil. He gained by the promise Swedish counsel its inclusion in the city of Magdeburg; his attempts but reconquering the archbishopric, failed, and he was 1631 wounded during the conquest of Magdeburg dangerous dissipated into Pappenheimsche camp and persuaded by the Jesuits in 1632, to convert to the Catholic Church, a move that veritatis justify what the published in his name writing speculum should. It was on this set free and instructed him in the Peace of Prague in 1635 from proceeds of the archbishopric of Magdeburg annually a sum of 12,000 thalers, 1648, offices Loburg and Zinna. 1651, he purchased the domain Neuschloß in Bohemia.

Marriages and descendants

Christian Wilhelm was married three times. First, on January 1, 1615 Wolfenbüttel with Dorothea ( 1596-1643 ), daughter of Duke Heinrich Julius of Brunswick- Wolfenbüttel; Then on February 22, 1650 in Prague with Barbara Eusebia († 1656), daughter of Count Jaroslav Borsita Martinic; he finally completed his third marriage on 28 May 1657 Prague Maximiliane ( 1608-1663 ), daughter of Count Weichard of Salm -Neuburg.

He had from his first marriage, his only child:

  • Sophie Elisabeth (1616-1650)

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