Christiansburg (Ohio)

Champaign County


Christiansburg is a village in Champaign County, Ohio, United States. In the 2000 census, the village had 553 inhabitants. The village covers only 0.6 km ² area excluding land.

Christiansburg was named 1842-1915 Addison and is sometimes still called today by the population so.


Christiansburg is located in the extreme southwest of Jackson townships, which in turn forms the southwestern part of the Champaign County. The village is located on the border with Miami County.


The first settlers in Jackson Township, on the territory of Christiansburg arose, Charles Dorsey was. He had fought in the American War of Independence in 1776 and came in 1803 at the age of 44 years from Virginia here. He was awarded by the government of the country only just founded the State of Ohio. In this area, the land was covered by dense forests and had to be cleared first. After Dorsey had done that, he returned to Virginia to fetch his family. With these he lived here until his death on 14 July 1811. His grave on the Old Grafton farm can be visited to this day.

One of the early settlers in Jackson Township was Joshua Howell, founder of Christiansburg. He came from around Christiansburg in Virginia and came in 1808 with his wife Mary and eight children, six sons and two daughters here. In section 31 of the township he was fourth entry for itself. Together with his sons he built a log cabin and was clearing enough land to grow food for the winter can. They put on an orchard in order to always have enough fruit.

But the pioneering spirit of the elder Joshua Howell brought with it that he had moved on with his younger children to Indiana, as there was colonized new land. His eldest sons, Joshua, Daniel and Jeremiah Howell, however, remained in Jackson Township. Daniel married in Virginia and came back in 1810 to register a land of their own. He bought 32 acres west of the present city at the West Fork Honey Creek. When his farm went well, were added a further 32 hectares. Later, Daniel built a brick house, which he won from the muddy creek bed. Because of the rich occurrence of this construction material brick factories were later in Christiansburg and other places in Jackson Township built.

1817 was Joshua Howell Jr. that we should now establish a town in the township and designed for a plan. He was clearing the area and placed roads. 1820 but only six houses were completed. The village, named in memory of the hometown of Christiansburg Howells grew only slowly until William McCrea the first store opened here. William had emigrated at age 14 with his parents from Scotland to the United States and had gone to school in the township. First he attended a "pay school " in which each student had to pay the teacher for teaching a certain amount. 1825 came a new school law and public schools have been established. William McCrea went to his training to Cincinnati to get married, but soon returned with his wife and opened his shop in 1829. Soon the wooden house, where he sold goods, such as tea, coffee, sugar, salt, but also all other goods of daily living such as dishes, glassware and toiletries etc., was too small and it was built in a larger timber-framed building it. Soon opened opposite the shop the first inn of Abiel Smith. In the 1830s, various companies settled in, a tannery, several saw mills, two manufacturers of horse-drawn carriages, a coffin maker, etc. church communities were founded, as the number of inhabitants had doubled. The first was the Addison Methodist Episcopal Church in 1835. During this year a mayor and a city council were elected. But it was still too early for a municipality and the status was withdrawn after one year. 1842 Christiansburg was renamed in Addison.