Christina Riegel

Christina " Tina " Riegel ( born August 25, 1965 in Stuttgart, Baden- Württemberg) is a former German figure skater, which was launched in a single run and pair skating.

In the eighties, Christina Riegel was one of the most famous German figure skaters alongside Norbert Schramm and Rudi Cerne. She launched both in a single run with the ladies and in the pairs figure skating, here together with Andreas Nischwitz. Bolt started for TuS Stuttgart. Your pair coach was Karel Fajfr.

Bar was on the side of Andreas Nischwitz 1979-1981 German pair skating champion. In 1981, Riegel and Nischwitz celebrated their greatest successes. First they were in Innsbruck Vice-European Champion behind Worobjowa Irina and Igor Lissowski and then won at the World Championships in Hartford the bronze medal. Because of the ongoing harassment and mistreatment of her coach, she ended her career shortly before her 17th birthday.

After the end of her figure skating career in 1981, she worked for a time at the television station Das Erste. She is married and is now Jöst, has two daughters and a son and works as a podiatrist in Stuttgart. Her last TV appearance was for the mission Info.Markt (SWR ) of 23 November 2006 on the topic " skates for children."


Pair of running

( with Andreas Nischwitz )

Single run

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