Christoph Chorherr

Christoph Canons ( born December 9, 1960 in Vienna) is an Austrian politician. From 1991 to 1996 Canons was the first non - Executive City Councillor of the Greens in Vienna. From March 1996 to December 1997 he was federal spokesperson of the Greens - The Green Alternative and 1997-2004 club chairman of the Viennese countryside.

Since 1997 Canons is council and member of parliament in Vienna. Since the state election in 2001, from which emerged the Social Democrats with an absolute majority, Canons negotiated projects with these 50 red-green and partially implemented. Among these are a biomass power plant and passive house settlements.

In the Vienna municipal elections in autumn 2005 Canons reached the highest number of preferential votes of all non-peak candidates, which in addition to discussions on the popularity of his weblogs, and also as a vote for the realist wing of the Viennese Greens was counted.

Canons studied economics with a focus on environmental economics at the Vienna University of Economics, where he also teaches since 1987. He is founder and chairman of the " S ² arch - Social Sustainable Architecture ", who runs development projects in South Africa. In 2000 had Canons in the foundation of the private learning center roll in Vienna, which has been recognized since 2002 as a school with public status. In 2008 he founded in South Africa, the Ithuba Skills College, a school in a township south east of Johannesburg.

His father is the longtime editor of the Austrian newspaper Die Presse, Thomas Canons.

Christoph Canons is militia lieutenant in the Austrian army.


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