Christoph Schneider

Christoph " Doom" Schneider ( born May 11, 1966 in Pankow, East Berlin ) is a German musician. He is best known as the drummer of the band Rammstein.


His musical career started early in the school, he played the trumpet. At the age of 14 he was given a drum set. Early on, he played in many small independent bands, among others, " The company", in which he also met the Rammstein guitarist Paul Landers H..

1994 Christoph Schneider lived with Oliver "Ollie" Riedel in Schwerin. Richard Z. Kruspe, who had fled during the turnaround time on Hungary in the west, and was then pulled over Berlin back in his hometown Schwerin and lived there from 1994 onwards, together with Schneider and Riedel. Together with Till Lindemann they took on that year in a competition for young bands and won. Together with Christian " Flake" Lorenz and Paul H. Landers Rammstein they founded and published in 1995, their first album. His nickname "Doom " comes from the same computer game series: As Schneider needed a name for GEMA, beat Paul Landers "Doom " before because they liked to play this game. Today he regretted his choice of name. It is often simply called "Schneider ". Schneider was lyrically involved only in a song: Old man of the album Sehnsucht 1997 comes at least partly from his pen. Schneider's sister Constanze is a designer of stage costumes of Rammstein. His father is the opera director and university professor Martin Schneider.

In 1999, he played along with Rammstein singer Till Lindemann in the film Pierre or The battle with the Sphinx ( original French title: Pola X).