Christopher Williams (sprinter)

Christopher Williams ( born March 15, 1972 in Mandeville, Manchester ) is a Jamaican sprinter who specialized route is the 200 -meter run.

Sporting career

Williams took part in three Olympic Games (2000, 2004, 2008 ), where he made ​​it to his special line each to the semifinals.

At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney he won with the Jamaican 4 x 400 meters relay behind the U.S. and Nigeria, the Bronzermedaille. In August 2008, originally victorious American squadron was subsequently disqualified for a doping offense runner Antonio Pettigrew her. Currently, the first place is listed as vacant, subject to a decision of the IOC of the Jamaican relay silver could be awarded.

His greatest success as a single starter celebrated Williams at the 2001 World Championships in Edmonton, Canada, when he 's behind Kostas Kenteris won the silver medal in 20.20. At the same event, Williams came up with the 4 x 400 - meter relay along with Brandon Simpson, Gregory Haughton and Danny McFarlane in 2:58,39 minutes on the bronze rank.

Other successes as individual starters include winning the silver medal at the Pan American Games in 2002 and finished third at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia, 2006, both in the 200 -meter run.

2009 Williams tested positive for amphetamines and locked by the IAAF two years.

At a height of 1.78 m is Williams' competition Weight 73 kg.


  • Outdoor 100 - meter dash: 10.06 s ( 2006)
  • 200 - meter dash: 20.02 s ( 2000)
  • 200 - meter dash: 20.68 s ( 2001)