Christy Brown

Christy Brown ( born June 5, 1932 in Dublin, and often there is also the spelling Cristy Brown; † 6 September 1981 Parbrook, Somerset, England) was an Irish painter and author.


Christy Brown grew up as the tenth of 22 children in a poor family in Dublin. He was born with a severe athetosis, could move only controls the left foot and was initially as severely mentally handicapped and educational incapable, but was especially thanks to his mother's initiative promoted in a way that he will eventually make not only understandable, but also images could produce and written texts. In 1954 he published his autobiographical debut My Left Foot, which was filmed in 1989 under the same title starring Daniel Day - Lewis in the lead role.

In the German book market was to obtain a barrel full of life also temporarily while Brown's other books have not been translated into German. He wrote and painted exclusively with his left foot; hands could not use Christy Brown life. On October 5, 1972, he married Mary Carr; In 1981, he died of a severe choking.