Chromium(II) chloride

Sensitive to moisture, air-sensitive, hygroscopic, odorless solid gray


2.88 g · cm -3

824 ° C

Soluble in water


1870 mg · kg -1 ( LD50, rat, oral)

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Chromium (II ) chloride is a chemical compound from the group of chromium compounds and chlorides.

Production and representation

Chromium (II ) chloride is obtained by the reduction of chromium ( III) chloride with hydrogen at 500 ° C:

On a smaller extent, lithium aluminum hydride LiAlH4 or the like may be used to reduce

The reduction by zinc is possible.


Chromium (II ) chloride is a moisture- sensitive, air-sensitive, hygroscopic, gray odorless solid. It has an orthorhombic crystal structure of rutile type Pnnm similar to that of calcium chloride with a = 664, b = 598 and c = 348 pm.


Chromium (II ) chloride is used as a catalyst, reducing agent, and oxygen absorbent. It is also used in the Nozaki - Hiyama -Kishi reaction.