Chronological Classics

Classics ( also Chronological Classics ) was a French jazz record label based in Paris, which was specialized in the re-release of royalty free images. In each case, were the original takes, which were issued by a session, compiled in chronological order under the name of the band leader. The data relate to studio recordings (without alternate takes ). The aim of the label was to release a complete overview of the published photographs of the jazz musician. The work was favored by the fact that copyright law in France after 50 years and goes out for example in 1999 already early recordings by Oscar Peterson and Bud Powell could be considered. On the plates there are full discounted graphical information.

The label was founded in 1989 by Gilles Petard (* 1949) and are monthly 5 CDs out. By 1999, the label released some 600 CDs of around 200 musicians. Petard formerly of EMI France in marketing and has next to another jazz labels such as Body and Soul. A large part of the photographs he takes of his own extensive record collection. Liner notes were often by Anatol Schenker, an English teacher from Basel.

The product was distributed in Germany via Fen Music.

In 2004, the label bankrupt and the catalog was acquired by Abeille Musique, which is also out until mid-2008 brought new publications ( five announced for August 2008 Title never appeared ). Until then, were 969 jazz Cd's published (No. 500-1469 ). The first appeared in December 1989 and it was published on subscription five CDs per month.

The label Neatwork Records released alternate takes to the Classics Classics editions and self-published in 1999 also supplements to their already released CDs ( plus a bonus CD with corrected tracks).

There was also from 2001 A Rhythm & Blues series in Classics ( published are No. 5000-5189 ).