Superb leaf beetle ( Chrysolina fastuosa )

The Chrysomelinae represent a subfamily of leaf beetles ( Chrysomelidae ) with about 2000 species worldwide represents a well-known representative is the Colorado potato beetle.

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To the subfamily of beetles Chrysomelinae count of small to medium sized. The width willow leaf beetle ( Plagiodera versicolora ), for example, reaches only 2.5 to 4.5 millimeters in length, the poplar leaf beetle ( Melasoma populi ) is 10 to 12 millimeters long. The heads of the colorful, often shiny metallic beetles are in many ways more or less enclosed by the thorax; the eleven-membered sensors are usually of thread-like structure - thickened and partly on their end. The tarsi are four members ( kryptopentamer ).


The short, stocky often colorful larvae are occupied for defense or deterrence of predators with warts and thorns. They have clearly trained feet and live mostly on phanerogamous plants. In some species, one can observe built of excrement, protective housing, which carry the larvae with it.


The subfamily is represented by approximately 2,000 species worldwide.

Species by genus ordered ( selection)

European genera and species according to the Fauna Europaea:

  • Chrysolina Motschoulsky, 1860 Sky Blue Leaf Beetle ( Chrysolina coerulans )
  • Superb leaf beetle ( Chrysolina fastuosa )
  • Chrysolina sturmi
  • Poplar Leaf Beetle ( Chrysomela populi )
  • Rotsaum leaf-beetle ( Chrysomela sanguinolenta )
  • Spotted willow leaf beetle ( Chrysomela vigintipunctata )
  • Green Sorrel beetle ( Gastrophysa viridula )
  • Gonioctena fornicata
  • Gonioctena variabilis
  • Variable willow leaf beetle ( Gonioctena viminalis (Linnaeus 1758) )
  • Colorado potato beetle ( Leptinotarsa ​​decemlineata )
  • Blue willow leaf beetle ( Phratora vulgatissima )
  • Wide willow leaf beetle ( Plagiodera versicolora )
  • Bluish Violet Paws beetle ( Timarcha goettingensis )
  • Paws beetle ( Timarcha tenebricosa )