Chudoslavice ( German Kuteslawitz, also Kutteslawitz ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located seven kilometers north-east of Litoměřice in the Bohemian Central Mountains and belongs to Okres Litoměřice.


The village is located at the southern foot of the Trojhora (451 m) at the creek Chudoslavický. To the west rises the summit of the chain Dlouhy vrch ( 655 m), Panenský came (607 m) and Križová hora (590 m ).

Neighboring towns are Všeradiště and Řepčice in the north, Třebušín in the northeast, and Vinné Leopoldův Mlýn in the east, in the southeast Těchobuzice, Myštice and Ploskovický Dvůr in the south, Pohořany in the southwest and Staňkovice and Redlichův Mlýn in the northwest.


At the site of the village since the 12th century a single homestead to be confessed. First documented news about the village date back to the 1545. Aging is the district Myštice which is detectable since 1255. Both places were associated with brief interruptions until the abolition of patrimonial rule for Ploskowitz.

Kuteslawitz was a farming village, on the corridors prospered especially fruit and hops. At the upper exit from a basalt quarry was operated. 1880 lived in the village of about 200 inhabitants, of whom most were German. At the beginning of the 20th century was a slight decline in population.

After the Second World War and the expulsion of the German inhabitants, the population was halved. Many of the vacant block houses fell into disrepair or were destroyed by vandals and then removed. Similarly, the baroque chapel was demolished in the village square.

Local structure

The municipality consists of the villages Chudoslavice Chudoslavice ( Kuteslawitz ) and Myštice ( Michzen ). To Chudoslavice also the monolayer Redlichův Mlyn belongs ( Redlich mill).


  • Trojhora
  • Timbered buildings of Redlichův Mlýn
  • Forest house Trojhora
  • Single surviving log houses