Chuquisaca Department

-20 - 64.416666666667Koordinaten: 20 ° 0 ' S, 64 ° 25' W

The department of Chuquisaca is located in southeastern Bolivia, bordering the departments of Cochabamba, Potosi, Santa Cruz and Tarija. At its eastern end Chuquisaca borders on Paraguay.


The department of Chuquisaca extends from the Andean chain of the Cordillera Central in the northwestern part of the north- south running upstream Voranden (Bolivia ) chains ranging in the lowland region of the Gran Chaco in the east and covers an area of ​​51,524 km ².

The mountainous regions in the west in detail are:

  • The Cordillera sombreros o Mandinga
  • The Cordillera de Tajsara o Tarachaca
  • The Cordillera Mochara
  • The Cordillera de Lique

The climate in the high valleys in the west and in the middle is temperate in the eastern lowland tropical hot.


The inhabitants of the department has more than doubled over the past sixty years:

The capital of the department is Sucre, which is also the formal capital of Bolivia.


The department of Chuquisaca is divided into 10 provinces:

Biggest Towns


Overall result in the department of Chuquisaca in the regional elections from April 4, 2010: