Tschuraptscha (Russian Чурапча; Yakut Чурапчы ) is a village ( selo ) in the Republic of Sakha ( Yakutia) in Russia with 8769 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The town is located 140 km due east of the Republic capital of Yakutsk in the southeast part of lowland Mitteljakutischen. It is located on the same lake, which drains to a few kilometers southeast extending left Aldan Creek Tatta.

Tschuraptscha is the administrative center of Ulus Tschuraptschinski. The village is the seat and only town in the rural community ( selskoje posselenije ) Tschuraptschinski Nasleg.


The village was founded in 1725 in connection with the establishment of the Yakutsk - Okhotsk tract, a post office and trade route that was to connect Yakutsk with the coast of the Okhotsk Sea near Okhotsk ( but until they are officially closed in 1852 never longer term and regularly throughout their length worked ). Since 1930 Tschuraptscha administrative seat of the eponymous Ulus ( Rajons ) in its present form.


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Tschuraptscha is on the Kolyma highway R504, which links Yakutsk with Magadan in Nizhny Bestjach (previously M56, number until 2017 alternatively in use). , On the westernmost section after Chandyga the Aldan