Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)

The Church of God KdöR Germany is an evangelical free church, which belongs to the worldwide Pentecostal movement. It is part of one of the oldest Pentecostal churches in the world, the popular Church of God ( Cleveland ) worldwide. The federal government has in Germany the legal form of a public corporation ( KdöR ).

Pentecostal European Fellowship ( PEF) World Pentecostal Fellowship ( WPF)

Excerpt from the self-presentation

Pentecostalism in Germany emerged partly from earlier revival and Heiligungsbewegungen the turn of the century. It is characteristic that the Holy Spirit is given great freedom in the assemblies, also a biblical lifestyle is emphasized. As a free church financial expenses are covered by donations. The doctrine is based solely on the Bible. Basis is the evangelical creed. For the true church of Jesus born-again people are from all Bible-believing congregations and churches. Church History to the church of God sees queued in the God-given spiritual movement through the centuries, which had its beginning at Pentecost (Acts 2) with the establishment of the first church in Jerusalem.

Organization and constitution

The Constitution of the Church of God KdöR. Germany was passed by the Federal Assembly on 1 November 2005. In it, the Bible is defined as a binding basis for faith, doctrine and life in community and waistband. The agreement with the Apostles' Creed is confirmed.

Name, legal form and registered office of the Federal

The " Church of God in Germany " ( Bund) was founded in 1936 in Stuttgart and has the legal form of a corporation under public law ( KdöR ). The territory of the Federal Republic of Germany includes the. The seat of the covenant with his office is Urbach near Schorndorf, Baden- Wuerttemberg. The federal government is composed of individual communities ( groups of persons at the local level ), which arrange themselves according to the constitution and municipal regulations of the church of God.


Members in the church of God may be persons who profess the New Testament sense, as a Christian, let convincingly shown any intention to act according to the teachings of the Bible and to live and are consistent with the Municipal Code of the church of God. To be the inclusion of persons intending member of the Church of God, takes place in the single community that they visit, according to the municipal code.


The individual municipalities of the Federal form geographically structured regions. These are used for promotion and advice to individual communities, perception of common tasks, support of the Federal in its duties, care of the covenant community, and preparing the work in the Federal Assembly. Each region appoints a Regional Council for its work in accordance with the Municipal Code. For each region, a regional chief of the Federal Assembly is elected for four years with the possibility of re-election on a proposal of the Regional Council. Current regions are North, West, South -South, South - East and an ethnic region.


The workspaces arrange themselves according to the municipal code. Each work area shall convene a committee for its work in accordance with the Municipal Code. For each work area is the proposal of the Presidium of the Federal Assembly for four years a / s ladder / in chosen with the possibility of re-election.

Federal Assembly

The Federal Assembly is a meeting of representatives of all German towns the supreme federal body. It decides in all federal matters, unless the Bureau of the Federation or the Federal accountant are responsible. In particular, it decides on the Bureau's proposal on the inclusion of communities in a joint operation with the federal government, elects the members of the Bureau to resolve amendments to the Constitution. The Federal Assembly accepts the annual report of the Bureau, and give him relief for his leadership responsibilities. The Federal Assembly meets at least once a year. At the Federal Assembly include: a) community representatives, who are delegated by the local communities in accordance with the Municipal Code, b) the members of the Bureau, c ) all pastors in the service of a community, a region or the federal government. The Federal Assembly shall decide by a majority of the members present, unless otherwise provided in this Constitution or in the municipal code.


The Bureau is responsible for the ongoing work in the federal government, unless the Federal Assembly or the federal management are responsible. To the Bureau include: a) the members of the Federal accountant b) the regional superintendent c) the work area manager

Church President of the Federal

Chairman of the Presidium of the League is the Church President. The Federal Assembly elects the Church President and his deputies from among their number for a term of four years. Current Präses is Marc burner.

Federal management

The federal accountant for the current business. It is available to the community for spiritual and practical advice available and takes on their behalf true common on local concerns. The Federal Trade leadership holds the Federal Assembly and the Bureau between their meetings; two institutions over it is accountable.


The Creed of the Church of God brings both an evangelical and a Pentecostal teaching position with Wesleyan influences expressed. The following items are listed in the Creed of the Church of God:


In the church it comes vividly to, it will be much sung, the emphasis is on modern songs with modern instrumental accompaniment, which is also clapped and danced. The community is also actively involved in prayer. The sermons are dynamic and related everyday. Spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues, prophecy and healing the sick part of the community life.

Way of life

The Church of God puts an emphasis on personal holiness, which includes responsibility for the family, personal integrity, a modest lifestyle, community involvement and the absence of drugs for them.


The Church of God is committed to the principles of the Evangelical Alliance and is a member of the Association of Evangelical Free Churches and the Forum of Pentecostal Churches.