Ci (poetry)

Ci (词, also辞cí pinyin ) is a Chinese lyric genre that developed in the Liang Dynasty based on the Shi Jing and the Yuefu.

It is popular ways that often a longing feelings - partly fictional - giving person expression. Frequently they originated anonymous, especially in the entertainment districts of large cities. In addition, are the creations of great Chinese poet who opened the Ci form for a greater range of subjects. Reached its climax in the Ci - poetry in the Song period, where the genre enjoyed especially in the emperors Taizong and Renzong great popularity.

In its form, the Ci - poems were largely free and not subject to the various limitations of the particular Gushi, but especially the Jintishi. Nevertheless, they were always sung to certain fixed melodies, which were recorded in comprehensive manuals. Made famous are about the 875 melodies comprehensive Cilü ( "Melody Rules") and the 826 tunes in 2306 variants comprehensive Cipu ( " melodies Register").

Among the most important Ci - poets include Tingyun Wen, Wei Zhuang, Li Houzhu, Su Dongpo, Liu Yong, Xin Ouyang Xiu and Qiji.

A well-known poet of modern times is Lü Bicheng.