CI5: The New Professionals

  • Edward Woodward: Harry Malone (head of CI5 )
  • Colin Wells: Sam Curtis
  • Kal Weber: Chris Keel
  • Lexa Doig: Tina Backus

The pros - The Next Generation (English CI5: The New Professionals ) was a British television series that was produced by the broadcaster Sky One in 1998 and 1999 first aired.

The series builds on the series " The Professionals" on which was aired in the 1970s. The focus here are agents of the fictional secret " CI5 " ( Criminal Intelligence Department 5)

The group now consists mainly of the agent Curtis, Keel, Backus and the leader of the team Malone. The CI5 under the Ministry of Interior. The Minister is played by Charlotte Cornwell.

As in the original series, emphasis is placed on action scenes. However, the series was not very successful, were not necessary more seasons.

The series aired in 1999, and then the first repeated in third programs.

Episode summary