Cia-Cia language

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The Cia - Cia is a Malayo - Polynesian language. It is spoken by about 79,000 people (as of 2005 ), spread over the southern part of the island of Buton and the offshore islands Binongko and Batu Alas in Indonesia.

The language is divided into several dialects and is considered to be related to the languages ​​Lasalimu, Kamaru, Kulisusu and Pancana who are also spoken on Buton.

Historically, the language in Arabic script ( Gundhul ) was written. Cia - Cia made ​​international headlines as the largest city in the language area, building construction, decided to use the Korean Hangul script to override the language. To all the sounds of Cia - Cia to be able to write in Hangeul script was the character ㅸ, which is in Korean out of use for the sound / v / used. The project was however abandoned in 2012 and written language now in Latin.

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