Cimon (Greek Κίμων; * around 510 BC in Athens; † 449 BC before Kition in Cyprus ), was an Athenian politician and general, son of Miltiades, the victor of the Battle of Marathon, and the Hegesipyle, a subsidiary the Thracian princes Oloros. His grandfather, a three-time Olympic gold medalist with the team of four horses, was also named Kimon.

Kimon came from the ancient family of the Philaiden. When his father had died 489 BC, without that he should pay for his defeat due ( in a campaign against the island of Paros ) repentance, the atimia passed to his son Cimon. Only when the rich Callias out of love for Cimon's half-sister, the beautiful Elpinice, the penalty paid, Kimon re-entered all civil rights.

Even at the Battle of Salamis in 480 BC, Cimon fought with glorious. He was the leading politicians of Athens in the years after the Persian wars and years strategist ( proprietor of the State Commander Office ), so that one also has named the time of the 470 and single 460 - years after him " Kimonische era." As a strategist, he led large fleet projects of the Delian League against the Persians successfully; he was instrumental in the victory of the Athenians in the Battle of the Eurymedon on the southern coast of Asia Minor involved (around 466 BC). Kimon drew 462 BC - to a request for assistance, the allied nor with Athens Spartans against rebellious helots responsive - with an army towards Sparta, but was sent back for fear of democratization of Sparta from them again, to a resolution of what has existed since 481 Agreement for armed assistance and, subsequently, led to open clashes of the Peloponnesian War. In addition, the Athenians felt humiliated. In the same year the " Spartans friend " was banished from Athens, after the reforms of Ephialtes want to undo by ostracism ( ostracism ). When he returned to 451 BC, he managed a tentative truce with Sparta. He died in Cyprus, when he besieged the city of Kition. He was followed by Pericles, who, like Cleisthenes came from the family of Alcmaeonids.


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