Cincinnati Reds

  • Cincinnati Redlegs (1953-1958)
  • Cincinnati Reds (1890-1953)
  • Cincinnati Red Stockings (1882-1889)


  • American Association (1882-1889)
  • National League (since 1890) Western Division (1969-1993)
  • Central Division (since 1994)
  • Great American Ball Park ( since 2003)
  • Riverfront Stadium (1970-2002)
  • Crosley Field (1912-1970)
  • Palace of the Fans (1902-1911)
  • League Park (II ) ( 1894-1901 )
  • League Park (1884-1893)
  • Bank Street Grounds (1882-1883)
  • World Series (5): 1919, 1940, 1975, 1976, 1990
  • National League titles (9): 1919, 1939, 1940, 1961, 1970, 1972, 1975, 1976, 1990
  • Division titles (9): 1970, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1976, 1979, 1990, 1995, 2010
  • American Association title (1): 1882

The Cincinnati Reds are a U.S. American baseball team from Cincinnati, Ohio. They play in the Central Division of the National League. Their home games wearing the team from since 2003 at the Great American Ball Park. Previously, the team was located in Riverfront Stadium.


The team was founded in 1869 as Cincinnati Red Stockings, and is the oldest professional baseball team. The foundation was made possible by local patrons financially. The team traveled around and played against several local amateur teams. Over 130 games they were 1869/70 undefeated. They were a founding member in 1876 of the first professional league, the National League, but were excluded because of irregularities in 1880. Between 1880 and 1890, the Red Stockings played mainly in the American Association. Since 1890, the Cincinnati Reds play again in the NL. World Series winners were the Reds in the years 1919, 1940, 1975, 1976 and 1990. Between 1953 and 1958, renamed the team under the name Cincinnati Redlegs to cause any unwanted associations with communism during the Red Scare of the McCarthy era.

Your last big heyday had the Reds in the 1970s, when they spoke of the "Big Red Machine ". At an absolute classic was the World Series of 1975 against the Boston Red Sox, and 1976 the great Yankees for the championship after all be beaten with four to zero games (four game sweep ). Since then, more success, however, are almost completely failed to materialize.

The Big Red Machine (1970-1976)

In 1970 the hitherto little known George " Sparky " Anderson was hired as manager, and the Reds have flourished, in which the team nicknamed "The Big Red Machine " got. The Reds played until June 30 in the Ball Park Crosley Field, then they moved to the brand-new Riverfront Stadium to a 52,000 -seat multi-purpose arena on the banks of the Ohio River. The Reds began the 1970 season spectacular, as they won 70 of their first 100 games. Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Pete Rose, Lee May and Bobby Tolan were the leaders of the offensive of the early "Big Red Machine ". Gary Nolan, Jim Merritt, Wayne Simpson and Jim McGlothlin were the pitchers that were supported by the veterans Tony Cloninger and Clay Carroll and youngsters Pedro Borbón and Don Gullett. 1970 won the Reds without major problems not only their division, the National League ( NL ) West, but continued also smooth in 3 games against the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League Championship Series ( NCLS ) by. So the club reached an early stage the World Series, in which had to give the young team, but the experienced Baltimore Orioles defeated.

After the poor performance in the 1971 season, by the way, the only season in the 1970s that ended the Reds with more defeats than victories, 79-83 victories, the club put new on. They exchanged the Trade Jimmy Stewart, Lee May and Tommy Helms for Joe Morgan, Cesar Geronimo, Jack Billingham, Denis Menke and Ed Armbruster. In the meantime, Dave Concepcion flourished on the position of the shortstops. Another important key to the future World Series titles was also the obligation of George Foster. He came in exchange for shortstop Frank Duffy of the San Francisco Giants.

1972 Reds won the National League ( NL ) West with 95-59 victories. (1972 was the first season in baseball, which was shortened by a strike. ) In the NLCS, they defeated the World Series winner of the previous year, the Pittsburgh Pirates, in exciting five games and moved as a favorite over the Oakland Athletics in the Worls Series. Since the right fielder and hitter Reggie Jackson could not play because of an injury, a native of Ohio Gene Tenace bekan a chance for Oakland in the World Series to play. He hit four home runs and hence a record for home runs in the World Series and so led Oakland in dramatic seven games to the title. 6 of 7 games were won by only one run difference. Cincinnati won stage a home game at Riverfront.

The Reds won the division title again in 1973 in the NL West, after a great comeback from 10.5 games on the Los Angeles Dodgers with 99-63 victories. But this time was in the NLCS conclusion. The Reds lost in 5 games against the New York Mets. In the first game met Tom Seaver ( Mets ) and Jack Billingham ( Reds ) each other in a classic pitching duel. New York's John Millner brought the Mets 1-0 lead. In the 8th inning was like Pete Rose with a solo home run the game to make it 1-1, and so set the stage for Johnny Bench, who with another solo home run at the end of the 9th inning the dramatic finale to a 2-1 victory for the Reds sat. The second game won by the Mets 5-0 at Shea Stadium in New York. In the third game, the Mets led after the second inning quickly with 6-0. The Reds were now known under the name " Cincinnati 's Big Red Machine", were very frustrated. In the 5th inning Pete Rose slipped on a double play attempt hard in the second baseman of the Mets, Bud Harrelson. There was a scuffle, which ended in a mass brawl all the players and managers in the field. The Reds lost 9-2. After the events in Game 3, there was great tension in the fourth game. The Reds eventually won after a solo home run by Pete Rose in the 12th inning 2-1. But the decisive fifth game was lost 7-2.

After winning the 1974 Reds, although 98-74 games, but were only second in the NL West behind the Los Angeles Dodgers with 102 victories. Lots of excitement there was the season opening. Hank Aaron and the Atlanta Braves were in town, Hank Aaaron (713 HR) was missing was a home run to set the record set by Babe Ruth (714 HR). With the first pitch of Jack Billingham to Aaron, he succeeded his home run number 714 and he pulled the same with Babe Ruth. 1974 was also the debut of Reds Hall of Fame announcer ( radio announcer ) Marty Brennaman, who replaced Al Michaels. Michaels moved to the San Francisco Giants and took over the radio reporting. Brennaman reports to date of all games in the Cincinnati Reds.

1975, the starting grid of the "Big Red Machine " with Johnny Bench ( catcher ), Tony Perez strengthened ( 1st base ), Joe Morgan ( 2nd Base ), Dave Concepcion ( shortstop ), Pete Rose ( 3rd Base ), Ken Griffey (Right Field ), Cesar Geronimo ( center field ) and Gearge Foster ( Leftfield ). The Starting Pitcher were, Don Gullett, Fred Norman, Gary Nolan, Jack Billingham, Pat Darcy, and Clay Kirby. The Bullpen completes Rawly Eastwick and Will McEnaney together with 37 saves and the veterans Pedro candy and Clay Carroll. On the opening Rose still played in leftfield, Foster was not a starter at 3rd base, but only to spare behind John Vukovich. Vukovich was a great fielder, but a weak hitter. In May, after a weak start to the season turned manager " Sparky " Anderson has to offer. He asked Rose to 3rd base, a position to which he had little experience. Foster was ordered into leftfield. This bold move was the key to a reliable defense and for the first place in the NL West, before the Los Angeles Dodgers. During this season, there are two remarkable statistics. 1 The Reds won after the switch 41 of 50 games in the second half of the season 2 The Reds allowed themselves go a month without error in the defense. In the 1975 season the Cincinnati Reds won the NL West with a 108-54 victory. Then they swept the Pittsburgh Pirates in three games from the field and won the National League pennant deserves. In the World Series in 1975 were the Boston Red Sox of the opponents. After 4 games, it was 2-2. The Reds won the fifth game. After a 3-day rain interruption came in Game 6 to one of the most memorable baseball games in the World Series. The Reds have already led 6-3. The Boston Red Sox made ​​up for by a 3 run homerun by former Reds player Bernie Cargo. After a few close decisions on both sides, it was Carlton Fisk, who hit the winning home run in the 12th inning -making. The Red Sox won the sixth game 7-6, forcing the decisive Game 7 Cincinnati won the next day with the last game 4-3 in Boston. This victory brought the first championship in 35 years, since 1940.

1976 returned the Reds back to the same starting line-up as in 1975. They won the NL West with 10 games ahead of the Los Angeles Dodgers with 102-60 win. They remained unbeaten throughout the Playoffs. In the NLCS, the Reds defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in 3 games clear ( sweep) and moved into the World Series. There they defeated the New York Yankees in the then newly renovated Yankee Stadium with a sweep with 4-0 victories. The World Series games New York Yankee Stadium were the first since 1964 and it was only the second ever sweep of the Yankees in the playoffs. The Reds were thus the first National League ( NL) team behind the New York Giants 1921/1922 won the two Wolrd Series title in succession and the " Big Red Machine " of 1975/1976 is still regarded as one of the best baseball teams of all time. In the history of MLB, managed since 1976 no team in the National League (NL ) more to defend his title.

Since winning the pennant in the National League ( NL) in 1970, beating the Cincinnati Reds either the Pittsburgh Pirates or the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League Championship Series ( NLCS ). ( Pirates, 1970, 1972, 1975 and 1990, Phillies in 1976. ) This made the "Big Red Machine " to a part of the rivalry between the two teams based in Pennsylvania Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. In 1979, Pete Rose poured further fuel to the fire of the rivalry with the Phillies, when he signed a contract in Philadelphia and won their first World Series with the Phillies in 1980!

Members of the Baseball Hall of Fame

Jake Beckley Johnny Bench Jim Bottomley Mordecai Brown Sam Crawford Kiki Cuyler Leo Durocher

Buck Ewing Chick Hafey Jesse Haines Harry Heilmann Miller Huggins Joe Kelley George Kelly

Barry Larkin Ernie Lombardi Rube Marquard Bid McPhee Joe Morgan Hank O'Day Tony Pérez

Charles Radbourn Eppa Rixey Frank Robinson Edd Roush Amos Rusie Tom Seaver al Simmons

Joe Tinker Dazzy Vance Lloyd Waner George Wright Harry Wright

Sparky Anderson Charles Comiskey Clark Griffith

Ned Hanlon Rogers Hornsby Christy Mathewson

Bill McKechnie Bobby Wallace

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Current squad


  • 33 José Arredondo
  • 61 Bronson Arroyo
  • 34 Homer Bailey
  • 45 Bill Bray
  • 54 Aroldis Chapman
  • 47 Johnny Cueto
  • Mat Latos 55
  • 44 Mike Leake
  • 63 Sam LeCure
  • 51 Sean Marshall
  • 66 Logan Ondrusek
  • 31 Alfredo Simon


  • 29 Ryan Hanigan
  • 39 Devin Mesoraco


  • 43 Miguel Cairo
  • Zack Cozart 60
  • 4 Brandon Phillips
  • 27 Scott Rolen
  • 15 Wilson Valdez
  • Joey Votto 19


  • 32 Jay Bruce
  • 9 Willie Harris
  • 28 Chris Heisey
  • 48 Ryan Ludwick
  • 6 Drew Stubbs


  • 50 Andrew Brackman
  • - J. J. Hoover
  • 71 Kyle Lotzkar
  • 40 Nick Masset
  • 62 Jordan Smith
  • 76 Pedro Villarreal


  • 21 Todd Frazier
  • 68 Didi Gregorius
  • 7 Paul Janish
  • 23 Donald Lutz
  • 67 Kristopher Negron
  • 74 Henry Rodriguez
  • 69 Neftali Soto
  • 3 Chris Valaika


  • 23 Denis Phipps



  • 41 Mark Berry ( Third Base )
  • 22 Billy Hatcher (first base)
  • 49 Brook Jacoby ( Hitting )
  • 59 Juan López ( Bullpen )
  • 38 Bryan Price ( pitching )
  • 35 Chris Speier (Bench)
  • 72 Mike Stefanski ( bullpen catcher )

Injured List (60 days)

  • 46 Ryan Madson

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Minor league teams of the Cincinnati Reds

  • AAA Louisville Bats, Louisville, Kentucky
  • AA: Pensacola Blue Wahoos, Pensacola, Florida
  • Advanced A: Bakersfield Blaze, Bakersfield, California
  • A: Dayton Dragons, Dayton, Ohio
  • Rookie: Billings Mustangs, Billings, Montana
  • Rookie: Arizona League Reds, Goodyear, Arizona
  • Rookie: Venezuelan Summer League Reds, Venezuela