Cineto Romano

Cineto Romano is a municipality in the province of Rome in the Italian region Latium, located about 627 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012). It is located about 61 km northeast of Rome.


Cineto is located on the eastern slopes of the Lucretili above the valley of Aniene and belongs to the Comunità Montana Valle Aniene.

The nearby towns are Mandela, Percile, Riofreddo, Roviano and Vallinfreda.


Cineto is just off the A24 motorway, Strada dei Parchi. However, the next exit Mandela is 8 km away.

The Cineto station is currently shut down, so is the nearest railway station on the route Rome - Avezzano Mandela Sambuci 7 km away.


Cineto was inhabited in pre-Roman times by the Aequi. Nearby is the city Scaptia, the center of the later Roman tribe Scaptia was. After the fall of the Roman Empire Cineto came under the control of the Lombards and was 755 since part of the Papal States.


Source: ISTAT


Amedeo Latini ( civil list) was elected in June 2009 for the mayor. He replaced Mariangela Proietti, which did not run.