Circuit de Monaco

Address: L'Automobile Club de Monaco 23 boulevard Albert 1er 98000 Monaco

43.7344444444447.4211111111111Koordinaten: 43 ° 44 '4 " N, 7 ° 25' 16" E

The street circuit Circuit de Monaco is a temporary track in the districts of Monte Carlo and La Condamine in Monaco. For the Formula 1 race Monaco Grand Prix numerous city streets are blocked off every year, free of traffic signs and flower pots. Pits, crash barriers, mobile curbs, fences and extensive grandstands (designed as a so-called Flying construction ) complete the 3.340 kilometers long circuit. Meanwhile, the race course is also used for taking place in a two -year cycle Grand Prix de Monaco Historique.

The cycling race Tour de France was launched on 4 July 2009 with an individual time trial in Monaco, where a part of this prologue led on the Circuit de Monaco.

Route description

As a street circuit of the course provides no run-off areas and therefore counts despite compared to other racetracks rather low average tempo of the most dangerous race tracks of the Formula 1 calendar. Ex - world champion Nelson Piquet likened driving on the route from Monaco with " helicopter flying in the living room ," the two-time Monaco winner David Coulthard described it as "pure madness ". The traditional track is not nevertheless a major challenge for the pilots a victory in Monaco as a special achievement.

The track has several noteworthy features. So it leads, for example, directly on the prominent Casino of Monaco over ( "Casino " curve ). Next as " Loews curve " has become world famous hairpin is at Hotel Fairmont (formerly Loews Hotel) the slowest point of all Formula 1 circuits. After following long tunnel piece the drivers are a strong contrast between dark and light exposed when they drive out of the tunnel. The challenge here is that they almost immediately after leaving the tunnel from high speeds ( 280 km / h) must gentle braking the new chicane - the eyes so have very little time to get used to the daylight. The so-called " pool " curve obtained by a curious accident awareness: Alberto Ascari crashed in 1955 with his Ferrari into the harbor, but was rescued by sailors of the shipowner Onassis unscathed from the water. The penultimate curve Rascasse, is located on the same café. There, guests can enjoy the race right on the guardrail and thus follow as close as anywhere else in Formula 1. Finally, the pit lane is a special feature. Since it was not created as such as with permanent race tracks, it is very tight, forcing the team to make compromises in accommodating their equipment.


All winners of the Formula 1 race in Monaco

Record winner Driver: Ayrton Senna ( 6) Record winner designers: McLaren (15 ) Record winner Engine Manufacturer: Ford -Cosworth (11 ) Record winner tire manufacturer Goodyear ( 24) Record winner Nations: United Kingdom ( 15)